Evonne Rutz

Evonne Rutz

Owner & Level 8 Hair Artist

Evonne has been in the salon atmosphere from the time she was 18 months old. Her mom was a hairdresser and had her by her side while she was giving one of her guests a permanent wave. An accident occurred when her mom walked away to answer the phone…Evonne reached over her high-chair only to grab the white bottle of perm solution, drinking down the entire contents. Needless to say, after a successful stomach pumping at the hospital, Evonne had ingested the “Kool-Aid,” so to say, and the inevitable journey into the hairdressing world was destined to be her future. What a beautiful journey it has been thus far.

After obtaining licensing in barbering, cosmetology, and teaching in the early to mid-80s she traveled the globe to seek quality education. After working in California in 1985 she moved back home to Illinois where she met Debbie Nachreiner. The two’s friendship and business relationship quickly flourished. With the support of each other, they believed that they could grow their business at a reasonable pace that wouldn’t jeopardize their responsibilities as mothers and wives. It was then that C’zar was born. Evonne loves to see the excitement in the eyes of people who love the work performed by her and her staff. She is most proud of her daughters and niece as they have worked endlessly to contributing to the success of C’zar’s growth.