Bailee Shillaker

Bailee Shillaker

Level 4 Hair Artist

Bailee joined C’zar Wheaton in September of 2021. She says, “Growing up I was always a tomboy, but I remember I loved getting my hair cut. I would also beg my mom to let me color it in high school. I just loved how you could come into salon looking and feeling subpar and leave feeling your best! I started my journey at a small privately owned salon with no thought that I might become a stylist. It wasn’t until I started working closely with the clients and learning more about the industry that I was hooked. I get to be a chemist when mixing color, a therapist when discussing life quarrels, and a friend that is apart of some of the biggest moments you’ll ever experience in life. I started working in a salon in 2014 and since then I have fallen in love with the industry. I’ve been behind the chair for a few years now and am continuously searching for new techniques and ideas to further my education. As well as continuing to practice the craft each and every day keeps me focused and hopeful for more knowledge. When I’m not in the salon I enjoy riding motorcycles. I’ve grown up around all types of bikes and it’s definitely still a huge part of my day to day life. There’s something truly freeing about feeling the wind and the sun on your face. Book an appointment with me today and let me be your friend, and your hair’s best friend.”